Loans to close all debts – Debt Consolidation


The average Croat is estimated to have debts in excess of USD 60,000. It is not surprising that the citizens of Beautiful invest our real estate. This has earned us a high place in the list of European Union countries with the largest number of real estate properties. Housing loans are the most sought after type of lending, supported by a boom in the market that has been booming for three years in a row.

The problem arises when unplanned expenses such as breakdowns, trips, weddings occur with a home loan… Then the current account minuses are usually opened, which are characterized by extremely high interest rates. Once it goes into a current account overdraft, it’s hard to get out of it. It is therefore not surprising that search engines are increasingly searching for loans to close all debts .

Loans to close all debts

Loans to close all debts

Loans for closing all debts have become extremely popular because all previous debts are reduced to the same denominator. Using multiple loans simultaneously means that various fees are paid for processing and maintaining your account, which can turn into several hundred kunas during the month. Loans for closing all debts are designed to cover all debts and minimize expenses. In their rich offer they have credit companies that have adapted to the market. Unlike banks, they do not monitor negative credit reports, but look for the financial orderliness of potential clients.

Loans to close all debts: Assigned loans that return finances back to normal


Loans to close all debts are special-purpose loans that are repaid provided that they are used to pay down the debts. The client must justify the money spent to the financial institution. Only a small fraction of these funds can be used for non-purpose purposes, and the percentage depends on the institution itself. This is one of the biggest advantages of this type of loan because it forces you to close your debts and reasonably dispose of money.

Although loans to close all debt hold finances under control, they alone are not sufficient. It is important to align your lifestyle with new responsibilities and burdens, which is something that people often forget. A home budget should be created according to your options and not live a life you cannot finance. Otherwise, new debts are inevitable.

What is the difference between refinancing and rescheduling?

financial loan

Banks offer refinancing of loans instead of loans to close all debts. People often associate this with reprogramming, which entails delaying repayment due to job loss or death. The main difference is that loan commitments that are not repaid on a regular basis are rescheduled and those that are duly settled are refinanced.

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